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Wholesale for Retailers

Welcome to The Royale Leather’s Wholesale for Retailers page. We offer an exclusive opportunity for retailers worldwide to partner with us as permanent suppliers of luxury footwear. Our exquisite collection of handmade leather shoes and jackets is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Why Partner with The Royale Leather?

  1. Luxury Footwear with Your Branding: Enhance your brand by offering our premium leather products with your own branding. Stand out in the market with unique, high-quality items that reflect your brand’s identity.
  2. Custom Designs: Have a design in mind? We can bring your vision to life with our expert craftsmanship. Submit your own designs and we’ll create handmade leather products tailored to your specifications.
  3. Flexible Pricing: Our wholesale bulk order prices are competitive and depend on the quantity ordered. The more you buy, the better the deal. This allows you to maximize your profits and grow your business efficiently.
  4. Global Reach: No matter where you are in the world, we are committed to being your reliable supplier. Enjoy the convenience of partnering with us for all your luxury leather footwear needs.
  5. Earn Huge Profits: By purchasing our high-demand items in bulk, you can significantly boost your profit margins. Our attractive wholesale prices ensure that you can offer premium products to your customers while enjoying substantial earnings.

Get In Touch: Ready to elevate your retail offerings with The Royale Leather? Get in touch with us via email or fill in the contact form. Our team will reach out to you.

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